Heavy snowfall in Kashmir blocks roads, cuts locals from markets

Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir), Jan. 3 (ANI): Local residents here in Jammu and Kashmir are suffering, as heavy snowfall has blocked roads, breaking off their contact with rest of the areas and markets.
The village of Sawjian in Poonch district, blanketed in snow, was a sight for sore eyes, with its little cottages and steep slopes, but the residents had a different story to tell.
“Heavy snowfall has taken place in Sawjian, which has made the life of the people here very difficult. We used to have late snowfall, towards the end of January or after that, but this time it has come early,” said Maulvi Mohammad Farid, a local resident.
With transport facilities disrupted, the village, which lacks cellular connectivity, suffered as even army personnel from the nearby border post were unable to clear the route.
“Whenever there is snowfall, we lose contact with the Poonch market. We do not have mobile connectivity here, and even the army personnel stationed at the border post are unable to clear the roads, hence no vehicles can move. If it snows more, things will get even more difficult,” said Abdul Majeed Dar, another local.
Heavy snowfall in the region this year has left locals to bear the brunt of the continuing cold as closure of the highway has impeded travel and food supplies.
Children were seen beating the nail biting cold after the snowfall caught them unaware and they were wrapped in layers of woollen clothes.
Boards advising people to drive safely in wake of the snowfall were set up in order to avoid any accident. (ANI)

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