‘Curfews, Strikes Cost Kashmir Rs 2 Lakh Crores’

People shut down businesses in Kashmir to condemn police shooting at protesters

People in India-administered Kashmir have shut down businesses and offices, after the pro-independence camp in the region called for a walkout to condemn Friday’s shootings at peaceful protesters by Indian troops, Press TV reports.

According to the report, following the shooting which happened on December 28 in Pulwama town, authorities imposed a curfew to get the situation under control.

Khurram Parvaiz, a human rights activist in the region, told Press TV on Monday that “The government of India says the militant violence has been decreased in Kashmir,… the Indian government has the monopoly over violence in Kashmir, and they have used violence to control the people of Kashmir.”

This comes after Amnesty International called for an independent probe into the violation of human rights in the Indian-administered Kashmir on December 13.

The human rights organization’s move comes in reaction to a recently released report by activists on gross human rights abuses in the disputed region over the past two decades.

Kashmir lies at the heart of more than 60 years of hostility between India and Pakistan. Both countries claim the region in full but each only has control over a section of the territory.

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