Geelani, Malik, Mirwaiz appeal for calm

Kashmir’s senior separatist leaders have strongly condemned the harassment of voters in north Kashmir, appealing people to maintain calm and harmony. 
Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani, in his telephonic address to people in Baramulla district Friday, expressed serious concern over prevailing situation in Sopore, Baramulla, Handwara and Kupwara.  
“The act of thrashing and stripping those who voted has pained me. If I was allowed to reach to the people and launch poll boycott campaign, such incidents would not have taken place,” said Geelani, who is under continuous house detention. 
He asked the members of the conglomerate and Tehreek-e-Hurriyat to meet people of Sopore and Kupwara to end the bitterness. 
In a statement, Hurriyat (G) Chairman appealed people especially youth to maintain peace and harmony. “They should not indulge in such acts which will harm the social fabric. Incidents in Sopore and Baramulla are actually the reaction of youth to the voting percentage in Handwara and Kupwara. The people of Kupwara and Handwara have not only harmed the sacred cause of the nation, but betrayed with the precious sacrifices of the whole nation, especially the sacrifices on north Kashmir,” he said. 
Geelani said “casting votes is although a condemnable act, I humbly appeal the pro-freedom people, especially youth to have patience and help us in preventing the situation to get worse.”
“At the same time I question the people of Handwara and Kupwara, who voted for meager benefits, to ask their conscious whether they have done a condemnable or a commendable act? Our nation is collectively pro-freedom and pro-movement where 98 percent people are affiliated with the freedom movement and we should be very thankful to the Almighty Allah for the success in completely boycotting the election drama,” he said.  
Geelani said “the failure in forcing the people to vote in the recent elections despite the use of force, autocracies has frustrated New Delhi and its agencies.” 
“India and its secret agencies are trying their best to engage the people of Kashmir in fighting with each other in the name of parties, cast and region, but our youth are politically mature enough to thwart such attempts,” he said.  
He said in these situations “our nation and our youth should follow our guidelines and shun the differences.” “We should not force anybody to follow our policy or ideology, but fulfill our responsibility and aware the innocent people about our sacred cause and sacrifices who are used and deceived by the pro-India parties. We should aware the people that their vote for water, electricity, employment, roads or other benefits is actually strengthening the chains of slavery with India. We have to be very patient in dealing with these people and we should not use the force to say our stand,” he said. 
Elaborating, Geelani said “the use of force and humiliation, abuses and autocracies are the symbol of Indian army, CRPF, SOG, STF and police.” 
“We should follow our perfect role model Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in letter and spirit. The election drama is over now and the nation has set an example in boycotting the so-called election process. It is no issue for us that few thousand people voted in this military operation and there is no need to react to this,” he said. Geelani also expressed his concern over the reaction of Handwara and Kupwara over the incidents in Sopore and Baramulla. “The traders and shopkeepers of Sopore and Baramulla are threatened to leave. These activities don’t suit the oppressed people. I appeal the people of Sopore, Baramulla, Kupwara and Handwara to immediately stop infighting and maintain peace and brotherhood,” he added. 
Meanwhile, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Muhammad Yasin Malik has expressing his concern over the reports of prevailing situation in north Kashmir. 
“Overwhelming majority of people of Kashmir, demonstrating their zeal and passion, boycotted the drama of Indian elections and thus clearly showed their allegiance with freedom movement and love for the great martyrs. For this show of resilience we all are thankful to these people,” Malik, who is under detention, said in a statement.
“But at the same time we all must bear in mind that we will have to keep vigil and safeguard our unity and brotherhood and defeat the nefarious conspiracies of those who want to divide us for their own benefits and interests. I appeal all honorable people to join hands and eradicate the atmosphere of confusion and mutual tension as it is necessary for the sacred cause of martyrs.”
Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M), Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, appealed youth across Kashmir not to thrash those who have voted for mainstream parties. “This is high time we must stay united to ensure that our final goal is achieved,” he said, appealing for restraint.

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