Hurriyat (G) outraged over bloodshed in Gaza

 Expressing grief and shock over the killing of more than 100 citizens of Gaza in a single day on Monday by the Israeli forces, the Hurriyat Conference (M) Monday said the world community has failed to stop the ongoing bloodshed of innocent Palestinians in Gaza.
“It shows that the Jungle Raj is prevailing in the whole world as nobody is asking Israel to stop bloodshed in Gaza,” the Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar, in a statement today, said, reiterating amalgam’s appeal for observing the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan (Jummah-tul-Vidah) as “Youm-ul-Qudus” and staging peaceful protest demonstrations against the Israeli terrorism on this day.
The spokesman flayed the state government for not allowing people even to express their sympathy with their Palestinian brethren. “It looks as if the imperialistic powers of the world from Tel Aviv to Washington, London, Paris and New Delhi have unanimously signed a secret agreement in which the bloodshed of Muslims have been termed legal and justified,” Ayaz Akbar said, criticizing the New Delhi government for not adopting a clear stand on the bloodshed in Palestine.  “New Delhi actually proved to be the best friend of Israel and in this way their claim of being big democracy is losing the ground,” he added. 
The spokesman also criticized the OIC for its inaction, saying that “this organization has become lifeless institution and it is still in deep slumber when the Israeli aggression in Gaza has touched new heights.” 

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