Kashmir businesses to boycott Israeli products

Denouncing the Israeli attacks on Palestinian people in Gaza, the business community in Kashmir has decided to boycott sale and purchase of all Israeli products and appealed people not to consume these goods.
The decision of business community has come after the wanton killings of Palestinian people including women and children by Israeli forces by dropping deadly bombs in the residential localities of Gaza. 
Chairman, Kashmir Economic Alliance, Muhammad Yaseen Khan told Greater Kashmir that the alliance has already conveyed the decision to all of its constituent members.
“Killing of innocent Muslims and business can’t go hand in hand. We can’t act as mute spectators to the carnage carried out by the brute forces of Israel of our brethren. Therefore, the business community in Kashmir feels it as moral responsibility to curtail all business ties and not to deal with the Israeli products,” Khan said. 
He said that the constituent members of the alliance have already been intimated about the decision. “From today onwards we won’t deal in any Israeli products and people in Kashmir are also appealed not to consume any of the products manufactured in the Israel.”
 “The only way for Kashmiri to retaliate and vent our anger against the Israeli brutality is by boycotting the use of their products, “Khan said.
General Secretary, Kashmir Trader and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), Bashir Ahmad echoed similar views:” Our hearts have been bruised by the killing of innocent people in Palestine. But the only tool to condemn such atrocious killings in our hands is to boycott all Israeli products,” he said, adding that the members of the federation have already been asked to stop dealing in Israeli products.
President, Kashmir Traders Federation (KTF), Jan Muhammad Koul said for the cause of humanity business community and traders in Kashmir have decided to boycott trade of products manufactured in Israel.
 “Muslim community round the globe should wake up from the slumber and register strong protests against Israel. They are killing innocent people in Gaza, every day we come across the heart-rending pictures of innocent children being killed by Israeli soldiers,” he said.   
Koul said that the message has already been conveyed to the traders in the Valley to shun business of products manufactured in Israel. 
He said: “We have come up with a list of products/brands being supplied by Israel.” 
Koul said: “Every bazaar committee has been asked to publish the list of products made in Israel and display them on bazaars with a message urging people to boycott use of these products,” he said.

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