Kashmiris should learn lessons from Palestine: Yasin

Asks people not to sell their land to New Delhi, its forces

Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday asked the people of Kashmir to take lessons from the prevailing situation in Palestine and “refrain from selling their to land to India, its forces and army.”
Addressing a rally at BeehamaChowk in Ganderbal district in central Kashmir, Malik said the ordeal that Palestinians are going through today may be a “consequence of criminal attitude, negligence and silence of the international community.” 
“Palestinians in 1940s sold their land to Israelis without knowing its consequences. This is also one of the main reasons for the bad situation they are in today.  Kashmiris should also take a lesson from this. We are also selling our land to the Indian state, its forces and army and if we don’t stop this practice, our situation may also become worse than that of Palestinians,” Malik said. 
On meeting of Indian journalist Ved Prakash Vedik with Jamat-ud-Dawah chief, Hafiz Saeed, Malik said “this has again exposed the RSS and BJP’s fascist approach and practice.” 
“In power, the BJP and RSS started dialogue with Pakistan, HizbulMujahideen, Hurriyat and others. However, when they were out of power, they opposed and stopped every such process. It is the BJP and RSS which created a war-like situation when Hafiz Saeed came to my hunger strike camp against the hanging of Afzal Guru. Today when their own man is meeting the same person, they are behaving like doves,” Malik said.  
The JKLF Chairman maintained that “we are not against such meetings and engagements but the BJP and RSS have the habit of changing colors when they are in power and in opposition and creating war euphoria.”
“BJP and RSS will have to change this old habit of double-speak and hypocritical politics. The road to peace and prosperity goes through Jammu Kashmir and anyone desiring of these virtues will have to address Kashmir issue and a solution has to be found in accordance with the wishes, aspirations and sacrifices of the people of J&K,” he said. 
He said the “criminal negligence” and silence of international community on issues like Jammu Kashmir and Palestine is making this world a worst place to live in. “This criminal attitude will bring disaster to the entire world. Kashmir issue is a living reality and anyone who denies this is actually living in a fool’s paradise. It is the responsibility of the international community to find ways and means for resolving issues like Kashmir and Palestine to ensure international peace and harmony,” he said. 
Malik condemned firings and shelling on people protesting against Israeli aggression. “Taking out rallies against Israeli aggression is good but people who are protesting should also remember Kashmir as we have and are also suffering from same kind of oppression,” he said. 
Earlier, Malik was accorded a warm reception on his arrival at Ganderbal. Malik moved in a procession to BeehamaChowk. On the occasion, youth chanted pro-freedom and anti-Israeli slogans.

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