Kashmiris unsafe in India: Geelani

Demands arrest of Parvaiz’s killers

The Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Monday alleged that Kashmiris were unsafe in India and looked with suspicion, abused and insulted everywhere in the country.
 Geelani in a statement today, expressed sorrow over, what he said, the new revelations in the death of a youth Parvaiz Ahmad who was killed in Mumbai last year. 
 “Pervaiz Ahmed’s death is a murder and not an accident. Unfortunately the state administration showed carelessness and irresponsibility and did nothing in this regard. Even no help was provided to the bereaved family,” Geelani said, demanding immediate arrest of the killers.
 “In 2013 many bodies of youth were sent to Kashmir. The murdered were either students or businessmen.  Pervaiz Ahmad was among those unlucky people who were killed for the crime of being Kashmiri. Still dozens of Kashmiris are languishing in different jails of India under false and fabricated cases,” said Geelani.
 “The rulers of the state are only concerned to their chairs and till now they have never taken any serious notice of the arrests and deaths of the Kashmiri youth in India,” Geelani said.

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