Observe Friday as black day: Wani to employees

Israeli aggression in Gaza

Observe Friday as black day- Wani to employeesEmployees Joint Action Committee (Q) president Abdul Qayoom Wani Wednesday expressed concern over the Gaza situation, appealing to the state employees to observe Friday as black day.
 “The situation has reached to such pass that now hospitals and Masjids are being targeted in Gaza besides killing children and women in large numbers,” Wani said in a statement today, terming the silence of OIC and United Nations over this bloodbath as criminal.
 “The employees will hoist black flags over office roofs and will tie black bands around the arms as a mark of protest on Friday. The message must go to the world that the people of Kashmir want this bloodshed to end without the further loss of life. 
 Meanwhile, President Doctors’ Association Kashmir (DAK) Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan today urged the doctors and paramedics in Kashmir to wear black bands on Friday, July 25, as a protest against the vicious onslaught of Israel on Gaza.
 “Israelis’ indiscriminate killing of defenseless civilians in Gaza is utter disregard to humanity. There is full blown humanitarian crisis in Gaza as people are without food, water, electricity and medical supplies,” DAK president said in a statement today.

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