A college with 16 students and 11 lecturers

Away from hustle and bustle which dominates other colleges here, the scene at Government Degree College Bagh-I-Ali Dilawar Khan is different with empty classrooms, deserted campus and eleven lecturers to teach 16 students.
And the reason as put by the college officials is that the GDC Bagh-I Ali- Dilawar Khan has failed to attract students since its inception and the enrollment number of students have remained low.
Established in 2011, GDC Bagh-i- Dilawar Khan has only 16 students studying in the college despite  the fact that the institute is centrally located.
The college offers admission for Arts stream only and class wise enrollment number is three students who are enrolled in Bachelor of Arts Ist year, in second year only 7 students and third year has only 6 students which makes the total tally at 16.
Despite such a lower enrollment number, the College has 11 lecturers to teach such a small number of students. Out of 11 teachers, four are permanent faculty members including the in charge Principal  while the remaining 7 are contractual lecturers.
The students enrolled in the college, however, blame  the management for lower enrollment rate in the college.
“The college doesn’t have its own building it is operating from the MP Higher Secondary School building, further there are lot of factors such as lack of proper teaching facilities  and other affiliated activities which are keeping kids away from getting enrolled in the institute,” they said.
The GDC is operating from MP Higher Secondary school premises. The college does not have its own building despite the fact that the state government has been augmenting of giving impetus to higher education by sanctioning 22 colleges in the state.
Principal GDC Bagh-i-Ali Dilawar Khan Bushra Shameem refused to divulge any details.
 “I cannot give you any details regarding enrollment number or number of teachers posted in the college,” she said adding that she needs permission to provide such details.
While an official posted in the college told Greater Kashmir: “Principal has ordered the college staff not to provide any details to media as they would publish about the plight of college and we all would be transferred to far-flung places.”

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