‘India lost golden chance to resolve Kashmir issue by spurning Musharraf’s proposal’

Time has come for New Delhi and Islamabad to work together on four-point proposal: Jethmalani

Eminent jurist Ram Jethmalani Sunday said India lost a golden opportunity to resolve Kashmir issue by not accepting the four-point formula of former Pakistan president, Parvez Musharraf.
Jethmalani said it was the most applicable solution to resolve Kashmir dispute “but because of petty politics India didn’t accept it”.
“I know who (politician) was behind it but I don’t want to name him. We lost a golden opportunity by not accepting the four-point formula of Musharraf. Due to some wicked politicians, the process couldn’t be carried forward,” he said.
Speaking at the 57th One-Day Peace Conference of Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation here, Jethmalani said India should be thankful to Musharraf for his four-point proposal. He said it was the same proposal which Musharraf had put forth in Agra Summit.
“When I looked at the four-point formula of Musharraf, I was shocked that how Indian government has not accepted it. It was the same proposal which he had put forth in Agra Summit which was not accepted by the Indian government back then,” he said. After going through Musharraf’s formula, Jethmalani said he conveyed a message to him to make some changes in it.
“I was impressed with Musharrafs formula. I asked him for permission to make some changes in it and he humbly accepted it. I admire him and India should be thankful to him for his four-point formula,” said Jethmalani.
He said time has come when both New Delhi and Islamabad should work together on Musharraf’s four-point formula to resolve Kashmir issue.
“It is the right time for both the countries to work in unity and solve Kashmir issue amicably. The four-point formula of Musharraf can be a perfect base for it,” he said.
Welcoming the move of holding foreign secretary talks between India and Pakistan, Jethmalani said such talks are positive signs for the better relationship between the two countries.
“It is a welcome move. I personally know the current Pakistan High Commissioner (Abdul Basit) and he is very sincere to improve the relations between New Delhi and Islamabad. I am optimistic that something good will come out from the talks,” he said.
When asked about Pakistan High Commissioner’s invitation to the Kashmiri separatist leaders, he said it is a non-issue and should not be exploited.
“I don’t find any issue if Pakistan High Commissioner has invited separatist leaders for talks before foreign secretary level talks. Let us praise the good initiative of both the countries” said Jethmalani.
He said India has 15 billion dollars which are in different foreign banks.
“If this money could be brought back to India every family in India will get Rs 3 lakh. For next 30 years there will be no requirement for paying tax. India will be a debt-free country,” said Jethmalani.
He said Indian media has let down the democracy in India and “they have become stooges of politicians”.
Asked about his meet with separatist leaders, Jethmalani said talks are part of the initiative of Kashmir Committee.
“I will give my feedback to Committee after meeting with all the separatist leaders,” he added.
The committee was constituted in 2002 to reach out to separatists and Jethmalani headed it.

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