Kashmiri students attacked in Punjab college, 12 hurt

At least 12 Kashmiri students were injured in Swami Parmanand College, Mohali Punjab, as they were allegedly attacked by local students for watching a Pakistan-Sri Lanka cricket match on television last evening.
Students pursuing B Tech in the college told  over phone that they were watching cricket match on television in college hostel. 
“Warden Sandeep Singh came around 10 p.m and asked us to switch off the television. He abused us for watching the cricket match of Pakistani cricket team,” they alleged. The students added that they objected to the abusive language of the warden and asked him they would raise the issue with college authorities.
“Singh rang up some students of the college. Within no time, students came up with knifes, iron rods and other weapons and attacked us. The number of Kashmiri students enrolled in the college is around 200 while the number of other students is around 700,” they added.
They said that 12 students were injured in the attack. They identified some of the injured students as Qasim Khurshid, Muzamil Fayaz, Umar Bhat, Khalid Ahmad, Peerzada Majid and Amjad Showkat.
They alleged that Wednesday morning hundreds of local people assembled outside the college to attack them again. “The warden had also instigated the local population against us. Hundreds of people were waiting outside the college premises to attack us. It was only local police that stopped them from entering the college premises,” they added.
They said that noticing the situation going out of hand, authorities of the college have announced 15 day holidays. “We are about to leave the college and are returning to our homes,” they said.
When contacted by , college officials refused to speak on the issue.

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