Pandit group again applies for Kausar Nag yatra

All Parties Migrant Coordination Committee (APMCC) has decided to go ahead with the pilgrimage to the Kausar Nag Lake in south Kashmir’s Pirchanchal range and has again applied for proper security arrangements for Kashmiri Pandits who are willing to visit the lake.
“APMCC has once again applied for security arrangements for a group of 20 Kashmiri Pandits to visit the sacred lake also known as Kramsaras-Vishnupaad Tirtha,” APMCC chairman Vinod Pandit said Wednesday.
He said that yatra would be undertaken in the forthcoming holy ‘Pitra Pakhsha’ in September to “pray for the peace of the departed souls of the community as also for world peace.”
The committee has written a fresh letter to Deputy Commissioner Kulgam, seeking security for the conduct of the pilgrimage.
The letter has also been forwarded to Chief Minister, Union Home Minister, PMO and others for consideration.
The committee has argued, “Since Chief Minister has categorically blamed his own administration for mishandling of the affair last time and that the state government was not averse to Kashmiri Pandits visiting the lake, we are applying afresh for proper security arrangements for the visit.”
In the letter, APMCC National Spokesperson King Bharati has said, “APMCC Chairman Vinod Pandit had applied for the security to some Kashmiri Pandits which was accepted by the administration but was denied at the last moment creating unnecessary and avoidable controversy.”
The letter states that the 20 Kashmiri Pandit pilgrims would visit the lake during the days of Pitra Paksha “to offer prayers for the departed souls as well as for the peace in the world.”

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