Youth shun Facebook in protest against Israel

‘Zionist country will suffer loss of Rs 10000 crores per month’

Solidarity with Gaza

Youth in Kashmir, especially school and college students, have temporarily deactivated their Facebook accounts as a mark of protest against Israeli aggression on Gaza. With this campaign, they said Israel will face loss of Rs 10000 crores in case only 10 percent Facebook users deactivate their accounts for a month.
A delegation of college girls today said that social networking site Facebook is a run by Jewish company. “Its CEO and Chairman is Mark Zuckerberg, a Jew. Facebook’s income has reached 18 billion dollars. If Facebook users temporarily boycott this social networking site, it can suffer a loss to the tune of Rs 10 thousand crores which will directly hit Israel’s income,” said Madeeha Khan, a user who has deactivated her FB account.
Syed Irtiza, another user, said that Facebook uses 5 lakh GB data per day, adding, “If only 10 percent of the Facebook users deactivate account temporarily it is likely to yield positive results. While deactivating Facebook account, reason for deactivating will be asked by Facebook. If message ‘Protest against Israel’ is sent the message will reach Facebook directly. Within 20 days Israeli economy may suffer a loss of 20 thousand crore.” She added that even if 20 per cent users boycott Facebook for one month it would be equal to boycotting 100 Israeli products for one year.
School and college students have been staging anti-Israel protests here, demanding end to the aggression on Palestine. People believed that authorities declared summer vacations to stop students from taking to streets against Israel’s aggression.

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