Choppers dropped expiry food as relief material

Adding to the agony of the Kashmir flood-hit victims,the government has added insult to their injuries by dropping expiry food from the choppers in the name of relief.
Many people were seen carrying the expiry biscuits, milkmaid and other essential commodities in Srinagar city during last ten days, which they had collected from the chopper as a ‘major relief from the government’.
“First they didn’t help us in rescue and now they want to kill us by giving us the expiry food. This is what India wants they want to kill all Kashmiris here,” said Abdul Majeed who was carrying an expiry milkmaid in his hand.
As anger spills on the ground people pelted stones at helicopters carrying ‘food and relief material’.
In Rainawari area at ZindaShah Masjid people threw stones at chopper who were trying to drop the food items in the Sarawari ground.
Similarly, at flyover in LalChowk people started throwing water bottles and shoes at chopper after they found out the food items dropped by them are out of date.
People shouting slogans “Hum kyaChahteAzadi” were determined not to allow any chopper to drop any food items in the city.
“Let this choppers go to hell we don’t need them. We will live on our own,” said a youth from BohriKadal who was keeping a vigilant eye on choppers flying in air.
Many relief camps have also placed banners stating “We don’t need Indian choppers. We the Kashmiris are and will unite to solve the situation”.
“These choppers are dropping expiry food which can be dangerous for people especially for children. We have our own stock. We don’t require India’s help,” said a volunteer in NawaKadal.
Many of food items were dated back to the year 2009 which had clear instructions “Best before six months”.
“Yem chi chakanzakhman noon (They are scrubbing salt on a wound). What worse they (Indian government) can do to us now. From last two decades they are killing innocent Kashmiri people in one way or the other,” said an elderly man Abdul Rehman of Rainawari.
Interestingly, national media has depicted the pelting stones at choppers as a conspiracy of separatist leaders to hinder the relief efforts in order to cash in to the situation.
“Indian Media have any morality left. They are stooges of Indian government and show what they are being told. It is a shame that they are giving it a different colour which is far from reality,” said AijazSofi from Khanyar.
“The Indian electronic media is concocting its own stories. There is no truth in them. People are angry over the expiry food that is being dropped from the choppers that’s why people are pelting stones at them,” said Rashid Ahmed of SafaKadal.
The national media in their reportage has stated “As the armed forces continue to carry out massive relief operations in flood ravaged Jammu and Kashmir, some separatists, who fear alienation, are making continuous efforts to disrupt relief operations in the Valley”.

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