Kashmir confronted devastating deluge with unity, compassion

Uninterrupted relief, rescuers poured in from untouched areas

While Srinagar and South Kashmir were submerged in devastating deluge, the agony was equally felt in other parts of the valley. The pain was not just figurative; it materialized into tangible rescue and relief work for the people trapped in the flood-affected areas.

People from unaffected areas were proactive in providing emergency relief to the sufferers in Srinagar and other affected places.
During the two weeks of torment, people from all over Kashmir were seen carrying truckloads of emergency aid like food, water, blankets, medicines and other essentials to the flood-ravaged areas. Not just that, people also held special prayers in the mosques and Eidgahs for the safety of the people who were affected by the floods.
“We organized a special prayer meeting in Warsun area for the flood-affected,” Bilal Ahmad of Harie Kupwara.
The people even brought tippers, boats and actively took part in rescue operations in many affected areas.  Also announcements were made in the mosques for the collection of relief material.
“From the last three days we continued to travel to Srinagar to carry out rescue operation in Qamarwari area,” said Muhammad Hussain of Lalpora Lolab. He said around 20 youth with two tippers from his area carried out the rescue operation. “We almost rescued 90 people,” Hussain added.
When phone and internet service stopped, many rumors were also doing rounds about casualties. “The rumors about deaths in flood affected areas were depressing,” said Muhammad Iqbal of Chotipora Handwara.
People would remain glued to TV and Radio sets to know about the latest situation in the flood-affected areas. “Since morning we were glued to the radio for the updates about Srinagar and other flood affected areas,” said Hilal Ahmad of Trehgam Kupwara.
The youth in particular were on the forefront to collect relief and ensure its timely distribution. Despite the shortage of petroleum, many youth arranged vehicles to transport relief to the affected people in the city.

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