Protests rock Shaher-e-Khaas

Where is Government, flood victims ask

Despite passing of 17 days since the devastating flood hit Kashmir, the people of Srinagar are facing plethora of  problems particularly  shortage of essentials even as they Tuesday staged protests in old City.
The angry residents of Dalgate, Khayam, Kohnakahn, Abi Nowpora and  Bishember Nagar blocked the road at Dalgate and held protest demonstration against the state government’s failure to provide them any relief.
Shouting slogans against the state government, the protestors complained the people in these areas are running short of essentials while government has failed to ensure supply of rice at ration ghats.
The protestors said that localities which are still submerged in water have now become cesspool with stench emanating and making it difficult for the residents to go back to their respective houses.
“Where is government now? ,” Shouted an angry old woman at Bishember Nagar whose house is still submerged in the waters.
Muhammad Yaqoub Akhoon , a resident of Abi Nowpora who was part of the demonstration told Greater Kashmir that his locality is still submerged where houses have developed cracks.
“When Dal water rose nobody came to our rescue somehow we managed to save ourselves and are now living in the relief centre. The state government was and is nowhere in the downtown,” he said.
The protestors accused the ruling party of supplying relief material to their own workers, while others have been left high and dry.
Sanjay Saraf, a leader of LJP who was participating in the protest demonstration accused the state government of “sabotaging relief operations”.

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