Kashmir floods leave students without education

Tens of thousands of Kashmiri children have been left without education, as many schools were damaged by the recent floods, Press TV reports.

The flash floods that hit the Indian-controlled Kashmir over five-weeks ago not only washed away lives but destroyed property, business and dreams of tens of thousands of inhabitants.

“Me and my friend go to the same school, but since floods damaged everything at home and the school we have nothing much to do,” Kashmiri school student Amir Hussein told the Press TV correspondent in Kashmir.

According to reports, the destruction made by the recent flood is the worst in the past 109 years of Kashmir’s history.

A flood victim, Muhammad Farooq, told the correspondent, “It’s unfortunate that the government has failed to safeguard the future of our children after this natural devastation. Since children have no schools to go, they roam around. So far the government has announced no plans to restore the schools structures.”

Since September 3, the destructive monsoon floods have claimed hundreds of lives both in the Pakistani-administered Kashmir and the Indian-administered part of the region.

The floods also left hospitals struggling to cope with the number of patients brought in for treatment of waterborne diseases. Medical centers in the flood-hit areas are in dire need of basic supplies and medicine.

Hundreds of thousands of people in both parts of Kashmir have been forced out of their homes in the flood-hit areas.

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