People dread returning to unsafe homes

Over 140 families of Shutrashahi Taing await rehabilitation

Sutrashahi Taing by Manzoor ul Hassan4Fearing house collapses in their locality, as many as 146 families of Shutrashahi Taing, near Civil Secretariat, are yet to return to their homes even after more than a month of floods.
Most of the inhabitants fled from the locality and are staying in rented accommodations against exorbitant rent. They have accused government of failing to devise rehabilitation plan for them.
“For the past few days our houses which are damaged have started collapsing due to which we fear to go inside,” a local resident, Manzoor Ahmad Khan said.
“These partially damaged houses have become so dangerous that one cannot step into them,” he added.
Shutrashahi Taing, which is situated near Civil Secretariat, was one of the worst flood-hit colonies of Srinagar with 15 houses having collapsed so far.
“We asked the government to help us on temporary basis till they finalize any rehabilitation plan for us but they did not pay heed to our pleas,” another resident, Hilal Ahmad told Rising Kashmir.
“Few days ago a house collapsed in front of our eyes. It is dangerous to live in this area,” he added.
The cracked walls and rooftops are supported by wooden poles which help the houses stand temporarily, said the locals.
“Second month is about to end since floods ravaged our houses and we have been living in rented rooms at exorbitant prices,” another resident, Zubaida Begum said.
An elderly resident, Noor Muhammad Raja said the government has not made any announcements whether they could enter their homes or not.
“We know they are not worth living but if government cannot arrange anything else for us then ask us to go and live in these damaged houses,” he said.
Locals said their houses can collapse any time. The entire locality appears haunted and as if it has been subjected to aerial bombing and the structures razed.
Locals have urged the government to disburse interim compensation till it takes a final call on the full compensation amount.
Avtar Singh, whose house has been collapsed, said there should be immediate disbursement of an interim compensation.
“And the government must also provide us suitable accommodation till we are provided with the compensation for our damaged houses,” Singh said.

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