‘Real King’ photos go viral on social networking site

The son of a top Jammu and Kashmir Police Officer has posted a series of photographs on ‘Instagram’ that show his father’s apparent abuse of power. The photographs have gone viral on social networking sites, evoking angryreactions.
The said IPS officer in Jammu and Kashmir Wednesday denied the genuineness of pictures that have gone viral on the social media. His son said the photos were “misinterpreted”.
One of the photographs shows a man—apparently a policeman—sitting near the feet of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, Jammu, Shakeel Beig and helping him put on his shoes. The caption with the photograph, posted by Beig’s son, who goes by the name Tony Beig on Instagram, says: “Real king – My Dad!! Last time he put his shoes himself was almost 15 years ago #BossLife #King xx.”
In another photograph, the DIG’s son, who is in his 20s, has given the caption: “Motivation right here! Traffic and this is how police and gunmen clear traffic when my dad is on the road! #power #king #guns.” The photograph shows a police Gypsy surrounded by armed policemen.
Another photograph shows the DIG, a recipient of President’s Police Medal this year, coming out of a building with his son, surrounded by policemen. A man behind the DIG is holding an umbrella. The caption reads: “Dad and I. #Security, #Guns and #Umbrella even when there is no sun or rain).”
It does not end here. Tony Beig has also posted his own picture, playing golf. In the caption, he says, “Golf with Dad before next (flight).” In this picture, an armed security man is acting as the caddie. He is holding the flag stick for the DIG’s son at a golf course.
The pictures, which are also being circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp, have received angry reactions. “Let’s throw up on these nauseating pictures. Utterly disgusting,” reads a comment on Facebook. “I for a second thought it is Saddam Hussain,” writes another Facebook user.
Deputy Inspector General, Jammu-Kathua range, Shakeel Beig denied the genuineness of pictures that have gone viral on the social media. He told agencies that the photographs showing somebody tying his shoes are not genuine and somebody is out to malign his image.
In his reaction, Beig said: “The picture is doctored and has been uploaded with malicious intent. How could an educated son ever put up such a photograph with such a caption that would bring the name of the family in disrepute?”
He said his son has vehemently denied uploading the photograph on Facebook or writing the post under it.
“I am trying to find out who doctored the photograph and the caption to put it on the website,” he added.
In a statement Wednesday, Tony Beig said, “The pictures shown by the media are just misleading and misinterpreted.”
The state government and police have distanced themselves from issue.

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