Tearful prayers at Eidgah

Moulana Sajjad addresses Majlis -e-Tauba

Tearful prayers seeking mercy of Almighty Allah rented the air as renowned Islamic scholar and social reformer Moulana Khalil Ur Rahman Sajjad Nomani Naqshbandi who is on Kashmir visit on Monday addressed a mammoth gathering at Eigah for Majlis-e-Tauba held in the wake of recent devastative floods in Srinagar.
Appreciating the courage and potential shown by the people of Kashmir during floods, Moulana Sajjad a world famous orator said humanity is best displayed in times of crisis.
“This crisis was a war like situation wherein human’s internal potentials come out. This is something that was displayed by the people of Kashmir that irrespective of issues like caste, religion and sects they helped each other. And it was because of this sharing and caring that the death toll Alhamdulillah remained low,” Moulana said.
Asking people not to lose heart, he said: “Through floods Almighty Allah must have kept something good in store for His people.”
Citing example of a disciplined father being strict with his child so that he doesn’t go astray but grows up as a prosperous man, Moulana said: “Allah too wants to show some strictness to His people so that they remain prosperous in the Life and the Hereafter.”  “Moreover through such incidents Almighty wants His people to come closer to Him.”
“And it is through such incidents that humans realize their unexplored potential of serving the humanity through sympathy, helpfulness and kindness. People of Kashmir have shown these qualities. The same needs to be upheld and we need to carry it forward as a mission in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.”
The scholar is scheduled to address atleast three Majalis-e-Tauba. The visiting dignitary is being hosted by Darul Uloom Bilaliya, Lal Bazar, Kashmir Welfare Trust, Jamiat-e-Ulama Alhe Sunnah wa Jamaat, Rabita Madaris Srinagar, Forum for Revival of Human Values.
Prior to Moulana’s thought provoking address prominent Islamic scholar Mufti Nziar Ahmad Qasmi also addressed the gathering which included people of all age groups:  youth, elderly and children.
Earlier in the day Moulana addressed a Majlis –e-Tauba held for women at Darul Ul Ulom Bilaliya. The Moulana has been strongly criticizing extravagance in marriages in Kashmir and often appeals people “to shed this evil.”

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