Army hell-bent to create uncertainty before polls, says NC’s Kamaal

A legislator from the ruling National Conference Tuesday described the Army stationed in Kashmir as “killers of innocent people”, asserting that the Court of Inquiry ordered by the force into yesterday’s Chattergam incident “is a mere eyewash.” The Army Monday killed two youth in cold-blood, triggering massive protests and condemnation.
NC legislator, Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, told local news gathering agency CNS that the probe ordered into the killing of two innocent youth at Chattergam Budgam by the Army “is mere an eye-wash as everybody knows that these killers are enjoying impunity under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).”
“First, they (Army soldiers) kill our innocent people and then they express regret to rub salt into the wounds of victim families. Instead of expressing regret, they (Army) should disarm the killers since they know who killed these boys in cold-blood,” Kamal said, adding, “Army soldiers stationed in

Kashmir are trigger-happy and professionals in gunning down innocent people.” Kamal—who is NC’s Additional General Secretary and uncle of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah—said “if Army continues to indulge in killing-spree in Kashmir, a day will come when common people of the Valley will stand together and force India to vacate from the region.” “People will forget Autonomy and AFSPA. The rank and file in Kashmir will demand complete secession from India and I think incidents of innocent killings are taking us towards that direction,” Kamal said.

“What is the fun of their (Army) ‘Sadbhavna’ mission in Kashmir? Does it teach them to butcher innocent son of a mother, brother of a sister and bread-earner of a hapless family,” Kamal asked. “Army is solely responsible for widening the gap between Kashmiri people and India.”
Kamal alleged that ahead of Assembly polls beginning November 25, the Army wants to create an atmosphere of uncertainty. “Army stationed in Kashmir has always made an effort to meddle into the affairs of civilian government and they (Army) have become habitual of indulging in politics,” he said, adding, “By disturbing atmosphere in Kashmir before Assembly elections, Army wants to make sure that their stooges (candidates) belonging to different political parties emerge as victorious.”
“These candidates whom Army helps during elections act as pawns and they do everything for them. Former Indian Army Chief’s statement about a politician who received crores from Army was an eye-opener for all and people know it well how Army plays politics to accomplish their objectives,” he said.
Kamal reiterated that killings of innocent people in Kashmir would continue until AFSPA is not repealed.
(Current News Service)

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