Flood victims cry discrimination in relief distribution

Appeal DDC

The inhabitants of Mehjoor Nagar, Gurduwara Lane, Ram Bagh  Payeen, Ram Bagh Balla and Nati Pora Monday complained that the Revenue officials have resorted to discrimination in distribution of relief cheques.

 The victims said the concerned distributed cheques of Rs 75000,  Rs 12,500 and Rs 3,800 but that instead of genuine cases influential people were given undue relief.
“There’s not only discrepancy in the distribution of cheques but the amount sanctioned. Some of the houses which were not fully damaged have been given Rs 75,000 whereas poor people have been left to fend for themselves,” the locals said adding that the areas fall in the Patwar Halqa Nursingh Ghar.
“As such we request DDC Farooq Ahmad Shah to kindly look into the matter personally and direct the concerned Tehsildar/Patwaries to release the relief amount in favor of the left out flood victims after proper verification of losses,” the locals said.

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