Hang the guilty: Ram Jethmalani

Senior lawyer and Rajya Sabha member, Ram Jethmalani, Friday said that the Army men involved in Chattergam killings should be awarded death sentence if found guilty of killing the youth intentionally.
“Two innocent have been killed and it is said that they have been killed in Army action. There should be a thorough probe and the matter should not be ignored. If the Army men are found involved in killing the youth intentionally, they should be handed over a death sentence,” the Parliamentarian told media persons in Devsar area of this South Kashmir district.
He said that even if the killings were not intentional, there needs to be punishment accordingly. “At times mistakes do happen. The degree of mistake should be looked into but certainly the act should be made punishable,” he said.
“The incident should not be ignored or hushed up at any cost,” Jethmalani said.

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