Kashmiri student abducted, looted in Delhi

A Kashmiri student was abducted and looted in Delhi by unidentified persons and left in an unconscious state to die.
Mujtuba Bashir (27) of Lassipora Watarhail area of central Kashmir’s Budgam district was abducted by unidentified persons from Nizamudin bus stand in Delhi on December 24. His all valuables including educational qualification certificates, mobile and cash were looted.
“I had gone to Udaipur Rajasthan to confirm my admission for Phd in Pacific University there. On my return, I stayed in Delhi, wishing to visit some tourist places,” Mujtuba told Greater Kashmir.
He said that he was waiting at Nizamudin bus stand to board a bus to visit Red Fort. “A youth came to me and introduced himself as a resident of Pune. He said he was unaware about the routes of Delhi. He also said that he was going to visit Red Fort and didn’t knew which road to take,” said Mujtuba.
He said that they both waited for the bus for a while. “As I felt that bus could arrive late, I preferred to hire an auto-rickshaw. The stranger also requested that he be allowed to share the rickshaw as both of us are going in same direction,” he said.
“On the way, auto-rickshaw driver allowed another stranger to board. On my objection, he said that in Delhi it is a common thing that one auto is shared by many.”
Mujtaba said that the strangers offered him some water and eatables which he refused to take. “On their insistence I ate a bit. Soon after I felt like losing my senses. I could smell that something was fishy. Before I could manage to jump from the rickshaw along with my bags, they sprayed something on my nose and I fell unconscious within no time,” he recalled.
He said the unidentified abductors left him unconscious in an open ground at Shamshan Ghat. “There some Kashmiri people working as wood cutters brought me inside their room. I communicated some phone numbers to them to contact,” he said.
He said that later the family members approached him and brought him back to Kashmir.