JK Govt should follow Tripura and revoke barbaric act , Tarigami

Senior CPI(M) leader and legislator Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami Friday said that the decision of Tripura Government to lift controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) has eroded the myth created by so called Security Experts that Army cannot operate without AFSPA in Jammu and Kashmir, the state where insurgency has dwindled to a trickle.

JK Govt should follow Tripura and revoke barbaric act , Tarigami“I congratulate the CPI(M) led Tripura government for taking such a bold step. The Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar who is my colleague has actually cleared the hurdles for the Jammu and Kashmir Government. The State Government must call a cabinet meeting here and follow the suit,” Tarigami told CNS adding that there are sufficient grounds and evidences that this ‘unlawful law’ has trampled the rights of the people in Kashmir and it has also widen the gap between people and the State.

He said that justice demands that government of India must take a cue from Tripura Government and revoke this barbaric act. “The government in Jammu and Kashmir which has been talking about its revocation must at least now send a strong signal to the Government of India. The State Cabinet must decide and act on this issue without any delay, hesitation and vacillation,” he said.

“When the ‘disturbed area’ status will be lifted, AFSPA will automatically get repealed. AFSPA gets operative in a state only when an area has been declared as ‘disturbed’, he said adding that the revocation of the Disturbed Areas Act comes under the jurisdiction of the state.

“In a communique to Prime Minister of India, I have clearly stated that that various protests and demonstrations recently took place in Kashmir mainly as a reaction to the atrocities committed by the forces. I have written to PM to withdraw this draconian measure from the State of Jammu and Kashmir and side by side reduce the size of the forces deployed on internal security in the State,” Tarigami said.

Responding to a question, Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami said that PDP led government should not get confused but should take a final call on the issue without any fear and favour. “The ball is in the court of Jammu and Kashmir and it is to be seen whether it will take a clue from Tripura Government or not,” he said. (CNS)