Kashmir goes immoral in India.

Kashmiri Students wrong relations With Hindu Students

By: Asiya Farooq
Kashmir goes immoral in India. 
Kashmiri youth in India have lost Innocence and dignity . Kashmiri boys and girls corrupted down in their hearts and souls; they are spiritually and morally lost.
Many Kashmiri Muslim female and male students studying in Sharda university have developed intimate relationship with non- Muslims that leads to sexual relationship. It has become a trend. These male and female students are pursuing B-Tech, M-Tech, Medicines and dentistry in Sharda University.
They hail from Srinagar,Baramulla,Sopore and Anantnag. Kashmirs image was further spoiled when three girls were caught in a comprising situation with Hindu boys in university premises and wine and drugs recovered from hostel rooms of Kashmiri boys during a raid. Their vulgar profanity and razen immorality left university administration in shocked. One of the senior academic staff pointing towards the Kashmiri students sarcastically said “you raise slogans in Kashmir and enjoy wine and sex in India. Is this the real face of your society?”
They (male and female students) drink and frolic and many of them stay overnight with their boyfriends or girlfriends. The clothes these girls like to wear are sexually provocative and imitating the elite of the society. This is certainly not good for their self-respect. Since many of them cannot afford these clothes, they have to rely on their non-Muslim boyfriends for this.
“They are unclean souls with polluted minds and thoughts filled with lust for sex. They wine and dined and danced with non-Muslim boys and girl friends in a vulgar way. Some girls also take part as models in a fashion show and dance in parties wearing miniskirts”, said a female academic staff in Shharda University.
They girls go out on weekends and other holidays to spend time with their boyfriends or girlfriends. They also go out early in the morning on the pretext of morning walk and spend some hours with their boyfriends.
If their parents call them on their mobile phones, they can make up any old story to satisfy them. The parents would, as usual, believe that while other girls may be bad, their own daughters are angels that can do no wrong. This will be a fatal mistake.

Things have gone much worse than they know, and there is an urgent need to put in place some kind of controls to ensure that can monitor the moments of their children. The parents will have to ensure that the hostel management keep them in the loop and let them know in advance whether, and when, and with whom their daughters are going.
Parents should also energies their interaction with their children studying in Indian states or outside India and make appropriate arrangements of their safety of all kinds.