Experts express resentment over capturing of musk deer

Wildlife experts and animal rights activists in Kashmir have expressed concern and regret over capturing of a musk deer by locals in Lari area of Kangan in Ganderbal district.
Experts express resentment over capturing of musk deerWildlife experts said that these species of deer are extremely shy and usually prefer to stay away from human population. The deer if captured by humans can die before the captors realize it, as the animal is very fragile and frail.
A wild life expert while talking to us said that locals should have called the wild life expert after spotting the deer so that proper care would have been provided to the animal. He said, the way the animal was treated as is depicted in the photograph is cruel.
Eyewitness told that the musk deer was spotted in the area early Friday morning by some locals and after some time the locals captured it.
Locals said that later, they informed the wildlife officials and the animal was handed over to them.
Ranger wildlife department Ganderbal, Shamsuddin told that they recovered a musk deer from the locals which they had captured on Friday.
He further said that the musk deer was shifted to Dachigam.
However, wildlife officials believe that the surviving chances of the wild animal captured are very less as they are averse to close contact with human.
Wildlife Warden Kashmir , Imtiyaz Ahmed Lone told that the chances of the survival of the captured musk deer is very slim.
” The chances of survival for such animals become less due to the human intervention, adding that such animal species are very sensitive and once kept in human captivity mostly die,” the official said.
He further said that they have kept the musk deer in Dachigam and are monitoring how it responds.
” We can tell about his death or survival only after few days after monitoring,” he added.
He said that the habitat of such animals are confined to forests and upper areas.
Notably, Musk deer is the most endangered of all the species of deer. One of the main reasons for this is that they are highly poached for their musk.
It was and is still one of the most expensive animal products in the world.
The last reports suggest that the deer has died.