We prefer elections to siding with PDP or BJP; Omer

The NC is firm on its stand that it will neither form a government with the BJP nor rescue the PDP by offering a secular alliance.
We prefer elections to siding with PDP or BJP; Omer“Although it is an unpleasant choice, we will prefer to go back to the people,” said NC working president and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah from Delhi.
“Neither the PDP nor BJP has broken the partnership. Since they have the numbers, they should form the government. Even if they want to renegotiate the ‘Agenda of Alliance’, it means there is no change in the alliance,” he said.
He referred to statements by the two parties and pointed out, “Nobody is saying the alliance is over.”
The PDP and BJP had the mandate to form the government and that was what they should do, he said.
“I don’t see any reason why the two parties, after having ruled the state for 10 months, should not form the government after the death of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed,” Omar observed.
“How can anyone expect the third largest party to form the government while those with larger numbers are dilly-dallying? We are just 15,” he said.
“How can someone expect us to respond to the call when we fought elections against the BJP? There is clarity in our mind that we will prefer to go back to the people instead of being a part of any government in the current situation,” said the former Chief Minister.
He said fresh elections was “not the best option”, but there was no choice if the PDP and BJP did not form the government.