Irked BSF man creates ruckus at Union Minister’s function

Criticises Jitendra for hoodwinking people by making hollow promises

Irked BSF man creates ruckus at Union Minister’s functionAn enraged youth today lambasted Minister for State (MoS) in the Prime Minister’s Office Jitendra Singh for allegedly hoodwinking people by making hollow promises to them.
The Union Minister had to face the wrath of the youth this afternoon when he was attending a religious congregation at the Jasrota area in Kathua district.
It all started when Jitendra Singh, the Lok Sabha member from the Kathua-Udhampur parliamentary constituency, was being felicitated by community members after completing his address.
Suddenly, a local youth, who is a constable in the BSF and posted outside J&K, jumped on to the dais and started yelling at the minister for not keeping the promises made at the time of the elections.
The youth, whose identity could not be ascertained, said the minister’s speech and the promises made by BJP leaders were nothing but a bundle of lies.
As soon as the youth made the remarks, security personnel got hold of him and took him down from the dais.
However, the youth’s words were enough to make the minister uncomfortable and he wasted no time in giving clarifications.
Later, while talking to mediapersons, the youth said his mother has been ill for quite some time. He said he had made several rounds to the office of the MoS in New Delhi but to no avail as the minister had never bothered to speak to him.
Meanwhile, the minister denied the allegations levelled by the youth.