Controversies refuse to die down around Mehbooba

Aaliya Ahmed

Controversies refuse to die down around MehboobaChief Minister Mehbooba Mufti is besieged with multiple problems and controversies after she assumed power. Encounters are becoming a routine followed by massive protests and use of force by police and armed forces.

Though in Kashmir situation this is nothing unusual, but given the promise by Mehbooba Mufti that she will not tolerate such ugly situations, it is becoming a problem for her commitment to the youth of Kashmir. She recently reiterated her commitment to the youth of Kashmir by promising to heal their wounds during her tenure as the Chief Minister of Jammu Kashmir.

While in opposition during Omar Abdullahs regime, she censured the government seeking redressal to issues confronting the people of Jammu Kashmir. She projected her party as the panache to the ills of the people of Jammu Kashmir. But unfortunately, the hunger of power makes everyone forget their real goals. So is the case with Mehbooba Mufti.

In her race to hold on to the chair, she accepts diktats from New Delhi literally in every issue. Prior to assuming power, challenges that Mehbooba Mufti would be facing were debated and analysed. Security was one of the primary concerns. And it would not be wrong to say nor impertinent to mention that immediately after taking charge as the CM of Jammu Kashmir, there was outbreak of crisis one after the other which required immense political acumen.

Coming to the controversies hovering around her government, it started with NIT Srinagar, followed by Handwara killings. Violence was witnessed at number of places and the government responded by imposing curbs and using force to normalise the situation.

Recently a new controversy of NEET started showing its presence in Jammu Kashmir as the Supreme Court directions brought in focus again the basic issues of Kashmir like Article 370 being enjoyed by Jammu Kashmir.

The latest controversy which is hogging the headlines in the local newspapers is the allotment of land for Sainik Colony in Kashmir. Although, the Government spokesman and senior PDP Minister Naeeem Akhtar has told the media that there was no such proposal for setting-up of Sainik Colony in Kashmir before their government and has described the reports as baseless.

For the first time in the fire-fighting operation, PDP has found BJP on their side when Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh said that there were some elements including separatists who do not want peace and are spreading such rumours like about the Sainik Colony.

But this controversy of Sainik Colony took a new turn when opposition leader and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted the government order copy of the Sainik Colony to be set-up in Kashmir. Omar Abdullah challenged Mehbooba Mufti Government on this issue and said that they were trying to mislead the people of Kashmir as they have already set the process in motion.

Kashmiri separatist organizations, Civil Society and opposition parties are on the same page on the Sainik Colony issue making for the Government the coming days of summer more challenging on ground.

In the present circumstances, when south Kashmir is engulfed in trouble and militancy, the coalition government of BJP-PDP is finding it very difficult to answer some questions raised by opposition and separatists.

Are there sinister designs of right-wing political elements to vitiate the atmosphere? Is Mehbooba Mufti really aware of such designs or is she being ignorant about such machinations by right-wing political elements.

Can she pacify the people of Kashmir on the controversial issues like NEET and the latest the Sainik Colony issue? Amid such controversies recently Central Government told parliament that they were waiting for the identification of the land for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Migrant Pandits.

The Central Government said on the floor of House that they were keen to implement Rs 2000 crore package for the migrant Kashmiri Pandits. Mehbooba Mufti has her hands full with controversies and problems and with each passing day she is feeling the heat of heading a coalition between “North Pole and South Pole” the words about the coalition uttered by her late father when he was battling with the controversies which erupted in J&K State after he started the government with rightwing BJP.

She is perched on a dangerous branch as Kashmir is unpredictable and the coalition renders her powerfully powerless.