Burhan Wani, Most wanted terror leader assures safe Amarnath yatra

Burhan Wani, Most wanted terror leader assures safe Amarnath yatraFor the first time the most wanted militant commander of Kashmir has reached out to the Hindu pilgrims assuring them of the incident free Amarnath yatra starting from July 2 in the Himalayas.
Burhan Muzaffar Wani, the 22-year old most wanted Hizbul Mujahideen commander of Kashmir, has released a new video in which he has opposed separate colonies for Pandits and reassured the Amarnath pilgrims of no-attacks from the ultras.
“A BSF officer had recently said militants plan to attack the Amarnath yatra. His statement is absolutely untrue and false. Let me assure you (pilgrims) that we have no plans to attack Amarnath yatra. They (Hindu pilgrims) are coming here to fulfill their religious duties and we have nothing to do with it,” said Burhan in a chaste Urdu.
This is for the first time in the recent past that the most-wanted militant commander has come out openly assuring the pilgrims that they will not be targeted during their pilgrimage to the Holy cave shrine.
Hailing from Tral area of south Kashmir, nicknamed Kandahar owing to the huge militant infestation, Burhan has emerged the face of new age militancy in the valley.
Sporting a short trimmed beard, Burhan is seen in the 6.17 minute video wearing a white t shirt in a well-laid out room. Sitting on a chair, Burhan is seen composed with two automatic rifles resting on both sides of his seat.
Hizbul commander, who has eluded the security forces for long, has warned of attacks on the Sainik colonies and separate townships in Kashmir.
“We will attack the Sainik Colonies if those are established here. This is our land and we are its owners. Pandits can come here and live in their respective places. They have their own lands, house and other properties, We will not allow separate colonies on Israel pattern for Hindus,” he said
Hizbul commander also warned men in uniform of increased attacks in the near future. “Now we will not give any more warnings. There will be action against every person in uniform who furthers the laws of India in Kashmir,” he said.
Explaining the reason for attacking the policemen, he said cops were warned not to be part of the actions and attacks on the militants, but they did not listen to them.
“If any policeman loves his life he should discharge his duties inside the camps and police stations. They should desist from harassing youth. They should not stay alone on the roads. Most important they should not take action against us. Those who will not follow these guidelines will be responsible for his own death”, he said.
Provoking cops to revolt against the government, Burhan asked them to join their ranks and unitedly fight for the “freedom struggle” of Kashmir. “I want to remind police that our enemy is India. India wants us to fight with each other. Otherwise we are brothers. I suggest you to train your guns against India and join us in the freedom struggle”, he said
Burhan also warned media asking it to mend its way while projecting the militants in Kashmir. “Had we been the terrorists we could have shut you up a long back. You go through the history and find out who is the terrorist,” he said.
The most-wanted militant commander asked the people to resort to stone pelting during search and cordon operation to force security forces to flee from the spot. “I am thankful to entire Kashmiri nation particularly our youth who risk their lives to safeguard mujahideen,” he said.