Bandipora – Srinagar Road in Shambles, Locals aghast, Admin unmoved

Traders’ body calls for public meet to press for repair of dilapidated road

Owing to pitiable condition of 59 kilometer Bandipora-Srinagar Road, people from all walks of life are assembling here in Main Bandipora Chowk on February 26 to press the government to repair the road.
Traders Federation Bandipora which is organizing the mass public meet has initiated a campaign to press the government for the repair of the dilapidated and potholed 59 kilometer Srinagar-Bandipora road. They (members) have called for a public assembly on 26th February in Gulshan Park Main Chowk to discuss the repair of the neglected road. Federation is expecting participation of Civil Society, Trade Unions, and Transporters from other parts of district.
Earlier youth of the region resorted to online protest while starting a campaign under hash tag #BetterRoadsForBandipora. The campaign received a massive support and people are sharing their torrid experiences on facebook they had while commuting on the road.
Pertinently the consecutive regimes have neglected the vital Srinagar-Bandipora Road.
From last 30 years the road has witnessed only a minor repairs and now the condition of the road has worsened.
“Srinagar-Bandipora Road is the vital link between the two regions and the bad condition of the road has considerably affected trade during last few decades,” Traders Federation President Shamshad Ahmed Bat said.
“Besides that, the crater and huge potholes are proving health hazard for the people,” he said.
“We have invited people from all walks of life even appealing everyone to participate in the meet so that future course of action can be decided,” He said
The road is dotted with countless potholes and craters causing immense public inconvenience.
The road earlier in 1995 came into limelight when funds worth corers meant for its repair were allegedly embezzled by the contractors and engineers.
Later the notorious Ikhwani (counterinsurgency) period that ruled the areas hampered the repair of the road.
It was after 2003 PDP-Congress coalition when the people started looking forward to the repair of the road but besides being represented by a Minster in the government nothing was done.
“Poor maintenance of the road and loads of potholes make it difficult for us to drive safely,” Gulzar Ahmed, a driver said, adding “The roads are in a bad condition and we cannot do anything about it. The government is to be blamed,” he said.
Earlier BRO Chief Brigadier Sharma told Kashmir Post that they will use every resource to repair the road during the current year.
He said that if the organization fails it will hand over road maintenance to State government.