Militants appear in Hajin protest rally, delivers sermon in mosque

An armed militant accompanied by three other associates delivered a sermon in a mosque in Hajin township of Bandipora district on Friday, the locals said.
According to eyewitnesses, a militant before commencement of congregational Friday prayers in Bangar Mohalla Masjid in Hajin township stood up and sought permission for delivering a sermon
After being granted permission, he delivered sermon for over half an hour in the mosque.
He appealed people to get united for the greater cause of freedom movement, the locals said.
They said the militant was accompanied by three other armed militants .
In his sermon, the militant informed people about many aspects of the freedom movement.
“He stressed on unity saying we are fighting for freedom and unity is pre-requisite for the success of such cause,” witnesses quoted militant as saying.
They said he warned people against links with police and army.
“We are advising and warning people, who have links with police and army, to stay away from them,” they said.
The militant, they said, urged people to stay united and help each other in strengthening the freedom movement.
“We are coming from far off places to help Kashmiri brethren. We are leaving our homes, parents, near and dear ones for people of Kashmir. We die for you and seek your support to get you free from victimisation and injustice”.
All the four militants later joined protest rally organised by locals after Friday prayers.
However, they concealed their weapons till the protests concluded.
It was the first instance in so many years that a militant openly delivered sermon in a masjid.
It is pertinent to mention that three militants had addressed a protest rally in main Hajin Chowk last Friday and urged people to support them.
They had brandished the weapons and fired in air during the protest.
Meanwhile, forces fired tear smoke shells and resorted to baton charge to disperse the youth, who staged protests and pelted stones on them near Army Goodwill school.
The clashes continued for some time.