Fresh incidents of braid chopping in Ganderbal, Budgam

Two incidents of braid-chopping were reported from Ganderbal district on Sunday evening, triggering scare among the residents, especially women.
Locals said that braids of two teenage girls were found chopped off at Rabitar and Naraian bagh villages on Sunday evening.
A police official told Kashmir Post that a girl, aged 15, at Rabitar area alleged that some unknown persons chopped off her braid while she was in her room. The girl claimed that after chopping off her braid, the braid chopper jumped over the two-storied building of her house and fled. Police however said it was not possible.
“The girl was taken to hospital for a checkup and the doctors after examining her said that she is already under treatment for some psychiatric ailment and there are no signs of her having been drugged,” the police official claimed.
In another incident, a teenage girl at Naraian bagh area alleged that her braid was chopped off by unknown persons while she was outside her home and she came to know about it 15 minutes later.
“The girl was also examined by the doctors and there were no signs of any chemical spray or any kind of anesthesia material upon body/face of girl,” said another police official.
Senior superintendent of police Ganderbal Fayaz Ahmad Lone told Kashmir Post that investigations in both the incidents have been taken up, taking into account all circumstances and facts. “It looks like a case of hysteria,” the SSP claimed.

11 Incidents In Budgam
A teenage girl became the 11th victim of mysterious braid choppers in Budgam district on Monday.
Locals told Kashmir Post that a 15-year old girl, a tenth class student, was attacked by two unidentified persons at her home at Beerwah. “They chopped off her braid without using any chemical spray,” locals said.
As the word about the incident spread, locals took to streets and staged a protest. “The protesters didn’t allow the police to carry out the investigation,” a witness said.
Another braid chopping incident was reported from Raithan village of Khan Sahab where a married woman was attacked by unknown person who pretended to be a beggar and chopped off her braid, a police officer quoted locals as having said.
Meanwhile, a man mistaken as a braid chopper was caught by people at Balpara. He was later rescued by Khan Sahab police, the officer said.
Locals said another braid chopping incident was reported from Ompora late on Sunday evening.
Since September 27, at least 11 braid chopping incidents have been reported in Budgam district, an official said.

Meanwhile, high speed mobile internet service which was suspended in the district on Saturday remained snapped for third consecutive day Monday.