Joint Resistance Leadership warns of uprising, calls for protests today

The joint separatist leadership comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday staged protests against the unabated incidents of braid-chopping across Kashmir, stating that attacks on women folk are “completely unacceptable.” They also called for protests against braid chopping incidents after Friday prayers while threatening to launch an agitation if “the hair cutting episodes don’t stop forthwith.”
According to a joint statement issued here, the leadership said that the attacks on “mothers, sisters and daughters are not acceptable. If these attacks do not stop immediately, we will have no choice but to launch a people’s protest against it.”
Meanwhile, leaders and activists from the joint leadership, along with people from many walks of life, staged a peaceful protest against the growing attacks on Kashmiri women, a spokesman said.
“Leaders and activists gathered outside Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front office at Abi Guzar and marched towards Lal Chowk. Holding placards and raising slogans against braid chopping incidents, the protesters strongly condemned these attacks,” the statement said.
Calling for peaceful protests after Friday prayers against the continuing attacks on Kashmiri women, the leadership said that the “acts of braid chopping are a direct attack on our dignity and no Kashmiri will tolerate these attacks anymore.”
“Kashmiri mothers, sisters and daughters are under attack from some hidden enemy. We as a nation are living in an unrelenting horror and worry but the rulers, their police and other agencies remain absolutely naïve about it,” the statement said. “The rulers are busy riding scooters and arranging music concerts and their forces and agencies are calling this menace as mere frenzy.”
The joint leadership said that hundreds of Kashmiri women have been left shaken by “unidentified assailants and police; the forces who take no time to identify even masked protesters and take no time in finding the hidden faces behind every happening and are punctual while crushing the peaceful political activities, till now claim no breakthrough.”
“This ignorance is actually proving that entire matter is doubtful and situation is extremely startling,” they said.