Why Muslims are on downslide?

Evolutionary process never stops. World progresses while evolution goes on. Actions keeping pace with evolution have made great progress and reached even the moon and the Mars. People died of diseases they never knew. Modern medical science has brought and saved life from being destroyed by curable diseases. Even body parts can be replaced/ People after going cardiac surgery survive 50 and 60 years.

God has gifted man with knowledge and man used this gift for the welfare of mankind. Look at marvels like electricity, aircraft, automatic instruments, astronomy and space science, x-ray, MRP machines –these inventions have man’s journey of life easier and more comfortable. Man became superman while searching for knowledge.

Unfortunately Muslims did not find the leadership that would bring them in line with the evolutionary process. When printing press used first time in Italy but Muslims imposed ban on printing. Muslim rulers kept knowledge away from common people. Thousands of universities were opened in and developing countries in Europe and India. There are less than one thousand universities in the Muslim world. It distanced Muslims from the evolutionary process.

Mulla-military combine presented religion as a regressive force and used it to make the masses of people their slaves. Ijtihad or initiative abandoned Muslims.

UK and other European countries had set up imperialist system in the past. In the name of religion, they made Muslims economic slaves by planting seeds of divisiveness among the Muslims. Now factions of Muslims are amassing weapons to use against one another.

Iraq-Iran war continued for ten years. Arab countries gave financial support to Iraq and about 20 lakh people were killed in this war. America gathered all Muslim nations in Afghanistan and prompted them to fight against Russia. Afghanistan has been fully destroyed and the phobia of jihad has been created in the world. The new phrase of terrorism was coined in the world. It was said that “Muslims are not terrorists but whenever a terrorist is caught he turns out to be a Muslim.” Why is it so? Muslims should have undertaken jihad (campaign) to overpower the Satan called terrorism. Muslim countries used terrorism to show down their Muslim adversaries. Even financial support was given to the terrorist organizations to use them against brother country. USA and European countries have no need to propagate against Muslims because we are himself enemies of each other and enemies of our religion. We are blasting bombs in the mosques, Friday when Islamist militants set off a bomb and opened fire on people attending prayers at a mosque in Egypt’s restive northern Sinai. In this bomb blast more than 300 people died and more than 200 people were injured? Did Muslims need enemies? Why not world called us “Terrorists”?.

Saudi Arab has built up military union of 30 Muslim countries. She attacked a poor country like Yemen. Thousands of Yamani children were killed in air attacks by Saudi Arabia. By imposing economic sanctions on Yemen, the kids are deprived of milk in Yemen.  The US and European countries are adding fuel to this fire. Saudi Arab, Qatar and Middle East countries have purchased military arms and equipment worth trillions of dollars from European countries and the US. With the cost of one small frigate at least five thousand middle schools can be built. More amusingly, some Muslim countries have established relations with an enemy like Israel in order to show down other rival Muslim countries. The US is asking Middle East countries to gear up for a future war against Iran.

Former US President Barrack Obama had concluded nuclear pact with Iran. Israel objected to it. Trump has said his administration would revise the nuclear agreement with Iran. Though France, Germany and some more European countries have reservations about it, yet they will also side with the US if war starts, and in a bid to run the arms race.

To resist the countries intending to rise against the Middle East countries of Iran, Syria and Lebanon, a united front of 29 countries under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and on the pattern of NATO has been formed who will undertake regular shedding the blood of Muslims in the name of sectarianism and terrorism. Russia has provided proof that ISIS is the creation of the US and Israel. Islam is a religion of peace. The prophet has given practical proofs of working towards the betterment of human beings so much so that even felling a tree is also disallowed. Islam says that “killing an innocent person is tantamount to killing entire humanity.” But what do we see now In the name of the same religion children, women, old persons are killed and the throats of youth are slit and people have been burnt alive. Women are sold in open market. All this has happened in the name of Islamic State ISIS. Wide publicity has been made all over the world of these acts which projects Islam a fearful religion, a scourge of God. Instead of stopping this scourge, many Islamic countries just eulogized them. The net result is that all Muslims are degraded in the eyes of the world. Muslims are reckoned as terrorists, obstructionists to process of evolution, destructors of progress, regressive in policy and approach taking the world to the abyss of destruction.   Admission of Muslim students in American and European universities for acquiring knowledge has been ordered. They are made to take off their shoes and clothes when travelling by air. Hatred has been spread against Muslims in western countries. Terror came to be associated with the Muslims and in Europe, people succeeded winning elections essentially on the premise of hatred against the Muslims. Today, Muslims are reaping the consequences of their own follies.

The irony is that Muslims instead of raising voice against the terror and tyranny let loose by the Muslims are seeb raising the banners of very collaborators

In the background of these circumstances, we in Jammu and Kashmir have been made the victims of oppression, propaganda, tyranny, intimidation and people are picked and made hostages in the name of religion.

J&K’s case of self-determination was initially recognized by the world opinion. But then, first Pakistan made it a bilateral issue and then introduced our right of self determination and the issue of humanism to the world in the shape of terrorists. Emotional Kashmiri youth  and criminals in Pakistan and her jails were used to spread terror in Kashmir. Be it the barbaric attack of Mumbai, or  attack on the  Parliament or the J&K Assembly hall, all these attacks destroyed the genuine sentiments of the people of Kashmir and their rightful demands.

It is twenty-seven years that Kashmiris have seen the killing of thousands of youth, molestation of women and destruction of educational institutes. Despite this, nobody in the world raises voice in support of the right of self-determination of Kashmiris. However, saintly advice is doled out asking India and Pakistan to resolve their dispute through talks. The leadership in name alone in Pakistan has ignored the system internationally recognized and honoured. Kashmiri philosophy to the entire community has been dragged to the brink of disaster. There is no hiding the fact that entire world recognized Pakistan as the hot-bed of terrorism and exporter of terrorist philosophy across the world?

General Pervez Musharraf sold these hundreds of trained youth to the Americans for millions of dollars who, once fighting against Russia, we called mujahedeen. Osama bin Laden was found to be staying in Pakistan. In his book “In the Line of Fire” General Pervez Musharraf has detailed the sale of Pakistani militants to the Americans in return of dollars. The same Pakistan has thrust on us a leadership that profiles the Kashmir issue in the balance of their vested interests and not in commensuration with the changing world conditions. Instead, the

Flags of ISIS were hoisted and the slogans of ISIS were raised. The world recognized us as   terrorists and remained silent about our cause. In an interview frankly admitted in a TV interview that General Pervez Musharraf “had not only met with Hafiz Saeed, had been providing support to LeT as well. He but further said that he thinks Lashkar is important for fighting Indian troops.” Now who in the world is going to listen to Kashmiris even if they recount the sacrifices they have made. The world knows very well whose proxy’s organizations like Lashkar and Jaish and Hizbul Mujahideen are; wherefrom they operate and who their operator is?

I have earlier said that information technology has advanced so much that in these times even the headlines of a newspaper read inside a home too is detected by satellite. The tragedy of Kashmiris is that through a pall of dread, intimidation and insatiability over them, Pakistan has thrust on them a leadership that has no target in sight other than their self aggrandizement. Pakistan has disabled this leadership for any service to the Kashmiri nation. When the organizations of a nation push the nation to the depths of degradation by following the diktat of the Generals, Brigadiers and ambassadors, the local leadership can never produce a positive thinking. How surprising that so-called local leadership does not at all understand that a Pakistan that was created in the name of Islam is the land where slogans are raised that Islam is in danger. Actually it is the army that disallows civil institutions to grow and become strong. How strange that a country where 95 per cent of people are Muslims still cries that Islam is in damager?

Imagine the tragedy, that Geelani Sahib wants our land to accede to the same country as has been defined above. He wants that portion of the state to accede to Pakistan where Muslims live. In other words it means another division on the basis of religion and sects?

                       ً”خون ریزی  کا یہ عالم  ہے کہ اللہ خیر کرے۔۔اب مسلمانوں کو مسلمانوں  سے ڈر لگتا ہے“


Hashim Qureshi
Chairman JKDLP