Kashmir witnesses 161 Hepatitis, 207 Chickenpox cases in 2017

At least 161 cases of hepatitis and 207 cases of chickenpox have been reported in 2017 from Kashmir valley, fresh figures of health department have revealed.

According to figures available with Directorate of Health Services Kashmir, at least 207 cases of chickenpox were reported in Kashmir between January-December 2017 but there is no mention of where from these cases were reported.
The figures reveal that 161 cases of hepatitis (an inflammation of the liver) were reported in the previous year. Government figures reveal that the cases have gone down as compared to 2016, when 390 cases were witnessed in Kashmir.
Besides the region wise breakup, there is also no mention of which type of hepatitis (A, B, C, D and E) cases have been reported.

DHSK, which maintains yearly data of all the outbreaks in Kashmir has noted that in 2017 a total of 69 epidemics were, recorded which were cured by the doctors.
The official figures also reveal that no case of hand foot mouth disease was reported in 2017 as compared to 2016 when 421 cases were reported throughout Kashmir valley.
According to statistics, no case of pertussis also known as whooping cough or a 100-day cough, a highly contagious disease was reported in the valley as compared to 2016 when 94 cases were reported.
The cases of Acute Viral Conjunctivitis have also gone down “as only 10 such cases were seen in 2017 compared to 2016 when 47 such cases were reported”.

For the first time at least 292 cases of dermatitis, a general term that describes an inflammation of the skin were reported in 2017 while as no such case was reported in 2016.
Dermatitis can have many causes and occurs in many forms and it usually involves an itchy rash on the swollen and reddened skin.
The statistics also notes a total of 118 food poisoning cases were reported in 2017 which is equivalent to the case seen in 2016.
At least 1016 cases of Acute Diarrheal Disease have been witnessed in the previous year which is less than the number reported in 2016.
Only 10 cases of measles were witnessed in 2017 as compared to 63 in 2016. However, no case of jaundice (caused by increased amounts of bilirubin in the blood) and pertussis were reported in the previous year.

Furthermore, 15 enteric fever cases also known as typhoid fever caused by an infection that spreads through contaminated food and water were reported in 2017 in Kashmir as compared to 2016 when only 11 such cases were noted.