Eating antibiotic injected chicken can prove fatal for humans

Doctors in Jammu and Kashmir have expressed their concern over the use chicken that has been administered with antibiotics for quick growth.
The recently conducted research has revealed the consumption of such chicken might put the lives of people at risk.
According to the recent research an antibiotic growth controller ‘Colistin Sulphate’ has been found inside chickens that doctors believe is extremely dangerous if consumed.
A recent study by researchers from the Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy (CDDEP) revealed that two-third of poultry farmers in Punjab were found to be using antibiotics as growth promoters.
Colistin Sulphate an Antibiotic Growth Controller (AGC) used to induce early growth also enhances immunity to diseases.
Meanwhile, doctors in the valley have expressed their deep concern over the drug injected in chickens as they believe consumption of such chickens can cause serious damage and can prove fatal for humans.
“This is a serious matter and a definite cause to worry as the drug found in chickens can prove lethal for every individual,” said Dr Farooq Ahmad, a senior veterinary doctor.
“Colistin Sulphate is a drug injected inside humans when all other antibiotics fail to work, the drug has high impact over all organisms,” Farooq said.
The doctors also asserted that the induced drug can result in early puberty among human beings.
“The drug if injected inside humans, can lead to early puberty among them, thus the impact of this drug is huge and carries ill effects for all of us,” he said.
“The broilers fed with this AGP drug grow to around 1.5 kilograms or more within a month and unfortunately there is no regulatory body that can keep a check on this practice,” he added.
The doctors said that there is an expiration date for every antibiotic but the farmers inject the drug even after the expiry date making it worse.
They also believed that consumption of infected chicken can also result in many health issues as it can give rise to many diseases.
“The drug is highly dangerous as it leads to several diseases including diabetes. In severe case it can be carcinogenic as well and thus will prove fatal,” said another veterinary doctor.
Doctors also asserted that lack of education among farmers in poultry farms also adds to the miseries “for all of us’.
“The farmers in the poultry farm are mainly less educated and they are unaware of the technology so they don’t know how fatal things could turn and there is a need to educate them,” doctors said.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has already banned such drugs if used as growth promoters in animals.
However, Assistant Commissioner Drug and Food Controller Organization, Hilal Ahmad Mir said that the samples have been sent to the laboratories for testing purpose as chicken samples have never been tested before.
“We had earlier sent some samples for laboratory testing but there was no such antibiotic found in them and we are trying our best to keep a check on quality of chicken. There is also no governing body that can keep an eye on what things chicken are fed with,” Mir said.