3 Years On, Ache Din nowhere to be seen: Anna Hazare

Social activist Anna Hazare was in the city today to mobilise support for his proposed agitation over the Jan Lokpal and farmers at Delhi from March 23. Addressing a rally, Hazare minced no words in attacking the BJP-led government at the Centre for its anti-people policies.
“The government is not moving towards strengthening democracy in the country but adopting a dictatorial approach like the British,” he said, adding, “I kept mum for the past three years. I was hoping for ‘achhe din’ (good days). Over three years have passed but the good days are nowhere to be seen. This made me speak out and restart the agitation,” he said.
Hazare said people, like Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, would not be able to use his platform this time.
“I am very cautious now and seeking affidavits from members to pledge that they will not take sides, support any party or ideology and will serve society and nation. So far, 5,000 people have submitted their affidavits and become part of the movement which is getting stronger,” he said while urging city residents to join his agitation.
He said in the past 22 years, 12 lakh farmers had committed suicide in the country but the government was more worried about the corporate world. He said the farmers were compelled to take such extreme steps because the government had failed to ensure fair price for their produce.
He appreciated efforts of the organisers without showing any concern over thin attendance.
‘Peaceful means can resolve problems’
n Interacting with mediapersons, Anna Hazare had a piece of advice for the people of the state. He said only peaceful means, not lathis and guns, would help resolve their issues as “non-violence is more powerful than violence.”
n On Indo-Pakistan relations, he said a war between India and Pakistan would push back both the countries by three decades. However, he said, “The country should go for the war if Pakistan fails to understand the language of peace.”
n Hazare also expressed displeasure over statues of leaders such as Vladimir Lenin and Periyar being damaged across the country. He said nobody had the right to resort to such vandalism.