Authorities to strengthen surveillance system for streamlining traffic system

Authorities are mulling to initiate a process for strengthening of surveillance system to discourage violation of traffic rules and prevent accidents.
An official document accessed by Kashmir Post reveals that installation of CCTV cameras has been proposed by the authorities to keep the check on traffic rule violations.
The move is also aimed to strengthen the safety and security of commuters and pedestrians.
“Monitoring of traffic violations is much needed to reduce number of road accidents. There has been increase in number of road accidents and traffic challans in the state,” the proposal reads.
It adds that CCTV cameras and illuminating streets and roads through street lighting system fitted with sensors should be incorporated in the smart city proposal.
The proposal incorporates that safety of commuters would be ensured by citywide network of the “public eye”, an initiative the authorities are combining community policing with technology, installation of CCTV at strategic locations, and developing e-portals for “on the spot incident reporting”.
Jammu and Kashmir has recorded 100 percent increase in traffic challans since 2010. 1,800 traffic violators being fined on an average daily in the state. An official said that there is a huge number of traffic violators in the state due to lack of inadequate surveillance.
An official of the Housing and Urban development said that the installation of CCTVs would ensure safety of people and regulation of rules. He said that proposal has been made on the suggestions of various departments.
“With all the infrastructural imperfections, policing lapses, and peoples fondness for violations on display, the square presents a true picture of the mess that the roads of J&K have become,” he added.
The official data reveals that in past nine years, 9193 people have died in a disturbing 52,325 road accidents across J&K; about 75,628 persons (nearly one-twelfth of Srinagar’s total population) have got injured in these accidents.
It amounts to an annual average of 1,021 accidental deaths in J&K. the statics reveal that, nearly three persons die in average 16 road accidents per day in J&K.
As per official figures, 910 people died in 4,198 accidents across the state in 2016, leaving 8,000 more injured. In 2015, 917 people died in 5,836 road accidents with 8,142 recorded injuries. In 2014, 993 deaths were recorded from 5,861 road mishaps, which left 8,043 individuals wounded.
In the nine-year span, 2008-2012 has been the worst period in terms of the number of accidental deaths taking place.
In 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, the number of deaths recorded in road accidents in the state is 1126, 1042, 1120, and 1146, respectively while the number of injured is around 10 times higher.