Hindu Ekta Manch now raises jihad, demography bogey

The Hindu Ekta Manch (HEM), a rightwing Hindu organisation that sparked outrage for rallying in support of the accused in rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl, has started a donation campaign to fund “litigation cost in the Supreme Court and to counter demographic invasion in Jammu”.
In a message widely shared on social media, the HEM said since it has decided to move the Supreme Court to appeal for a CBI inquiry—because it doesn’t trust the Crime Branch whose investigation led to arrests—the organisation has “constituted a team of lawyers” to file a petition in the apex court “at the earliest”.
“As all of us have realised that CBI enquiry has become a critical requirement in case real culprits have to be nailed and innocents falsely implicated in the case are freed. The CBI enquiry is also critically needed to unearth the bigger conspiracy behind the murder,” the HEM message reads.
The organisation said the “whole issue” has been used to “harass the people of Rasana and adjoining villages so that they abandon their homes and hearths and shift to some other place”.
“In case this happens there will be an immense boost to the Muslim demographic invasion of this area in particular and Jammu region in general,” the message said.
“Changing the demographic complexion of Jammu is part of the jihad being waged on Hindus. In the light of these dangers forcing a CBI inquiry into the Rassana case assumes immense importance,” he said.
The HEM asked people to donate generously to that the “best legal team is mobilised to successfully plead the case before the Supreme Court of India”.
The donation campaign will be led by former sarpanches Kant Kumar, Yogesh Singh, Vijay Tagotra, Suresh Katal, Bhagmal and Raj Khajuria of Hiranagar thesil.
Kant Kumar, who is a member of the HEM, told Kashmir Post, “No account for donations has been opened in any bank because HEM is not registered but a people group (which will collect money) came into existence only after the Crime Branch harassed locals.”
Kumar said all members in the team are “trustworthy and maintain receipts of daily collection”.