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Medicinal_Benefits of #BABRI_BEOUL
Punjabi. (BABRI)
Kashmiri..(BABRI BEOEL)
English. .Basil seeds
A Regular Drink in summer seasons & at Iftiar Times during Ramzan.
Just add a few seeds in a glass of Water,milk or Lassie for a few minutes till proper mix up & add sugars as per taste.

(1) #WEIGHT_LOSS : After soaking in Water they have ability to expand 30times of its original size & make stomach full & don’t allow you to feel hungry for a period of time.

(2) #CONSTIPATION : Full of fibres ensures easy bowel moments.

(3) #DIABETES : Has hypoglycaemic effect.

(4) #COOLANT : Lowers body heat

(5) #ACIDITY : Direct coolant & soothing effect on stomach.

(6) #CHOLESTEROL : Helps in lowering bad cholesterol.

(7) #HEALTHY_SKIN, #HAIR : Adequate in vitamin A,K,Protein,Iron,Beta carotene & Rich in minerals like Copper,Calcium,Folates,Mn,Mg etc.& full of antioxidants as Flavonides etc.

(8) #STRESS : Problems of daily life as anxiety of work or stress & alleviate depression,mental fatigue.

(9) #MOUTH_FRESHNESS & #DENTAL_HEALTH : Seeds can be used for mouth ulcers, Bad Breath.

(10) #DIUERITIC_EFFECTS : Helps to flush the kidneys.

(11) #PAIN_RELIEF : May act as antispasmodic.


Enjoy your BABRI BUEL Namkeen or Meethi LASSIE at Iftiar Times as it has Maximum Health Benefits.