How can talks happen when leaders speak in different voices: Omar Abdullah

“How can we galvanize Hurriyat leaders for talks when different BJP leaders at centre speak in different voices over the possible talks with separatists,” former Chief Minister and the National
Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah said while addressing party workers during a convention at Dak Bungalow Baramulla on Thursday.
Omar said various voices are emerging from different leaders of BJP at centre which makes the talk about the talks ambiguous. “The union Home Minister who is on a two days visit to Kashmir says we are ready for talks. However, at the same time, minister for defence and external affairs talk in different language while the voice from PMO office conveys a different message” Omar said.
“For the return of peace to the state, there should be a road map like what next after ceasefire. If talks are next then why delay it. Let us start without creating any confusion as is apparent from the statements of different leaders of BJP”.
Omar said it was wrong on the part of the ruling party to accuse NC of not initiating ceasefire during its rule. “Don’t they know that the situation during NC rule was not as worse as at present,” he said. “The ceasefire has been a compulsion for the coalition government as they are left with no choice”.
Former Chief Minister said the NC has long been advocating concrete steps by the centre and the state government to address the situation. “When situation was on boil in Kashmir, I along with the opposition leaders visited New Delhi and urged them to take some initiative as people here are not protesting for jobs or packages but for the political rights,” he said. “However, there was cold response as believed situation will go back to normal on its own”.
Omar said a new era of militancy has started in Kashmir. “Educated youth like Kashmir university professor who preferred gun over pen or a young educated youth who was preparing for PHD at Aligarh Muslim University joined militant ranks which shows disappointment among the educated youth,” he said.
“Situation during PDP-BJP Government has reached a point where Government finds it difficult to conduct parliament election for Anantnag constituency, which was left vacant by the Chief minister Mehbooba Mufti herself.”