Militant family refuses army’s plea on son’s surrender, video goes viral

The video conversation between a Kashmiri militants’ family and army troopers, in which the former is seen denying to latter’s persuasion to ask their son to lay down arms, has gone viral on social media in Kashmir.
In a 1-minute and 42-second video clip, which has gone viral in Kashmir, an army man is seen trying to persuade the family members of a militant— the identity of both could not be ascertained—to ask their son to surrender when he is trapped on forces’ cordon. The family, however, is seen categorically rejecting offer by army.
“When you (family) ask him, then he could surrender. If we (army) ask, he won’t surrender,” an army trooper says to the family.
A girl—purportedly militant’s sister—is seen arguing the army man as to why they should ask the militant to surrender.
A bearded man, possibly militant’s father, donned in a purple skull cap is heard saying “One who leaves home, can’t surrender.”
“We will not ask him to surrender. If he comes home alive, I will martyr him with my own hands,” the girl responds to army man.
The girl goes on to tell the army men that the militant has left towards the path of God and “why would the family call him to come back.”
Army man and the family are seen sitting on the veranda of the house and the conversation between the two continues politely, however, the family refuses to succumb to the army’s offer.
The video was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook and was shared widely on the social media platforms.
“Sometimes, someone goes astray…” one trooper is heard saying while another trooper joins the conversation; says he (the militant) “could have had a fought with his parents.”
The girl, however, responds that there was nothing as such.
“There has been no quarrel, neither has he chose the wrong path. In what way…whatever he has done.. I don’t know he has left on his own will. If he (militant) thinks he has done well, then it is the same. We have no business in this? I want to see his face only after his martyrdom,” the girl says to army men in the video.
An army man goes on to question the family as to why to pick up the gun and the girl reverts the same query.
“We pickup gun for the security of the nation,” says the army man. The girl in response says “If he (militant) doesn’t take up weapon then how would God accept his sacrifice. You can’t martyr him unless he picks up gun and proves that he is on God’s path. Only after that you (army) can take his life.”