Even the dead and injured weren’t spared were robbed of belongings after Amritsar train accident

Call it heartless or sadistic, but what left many hopeless in humanity was when they realised that some rogues in the crowd had made away with the valuables of the helpless survivors and victims of the horrific Amritsar train tragedy that killed 61 and injured 143 on Friday evening.

According to relatives and survivors, while they got their kin’s bodies back, they did not find the ornaments, mobile phones or wallets belonging to them.

Jyoti Kumari, mother of Vasu (17), who died in the accident, said, “I lost my son to the negligence of the administration and organisers of the function. We found his body at the civil hospital but his mobile phone worth Rs 20,000, wallet and gold chain were missing.”

Kamal Kumar said his son Tarun Makhan (19) had gone to watch the Dussehra celebrations with his friends. “After the accident, his friends brought Tarun’s body home on a cart, but his mobile phone is still missing.”

Deepak, who lost his three-year-old daughter Nandani and himself suffered injuries in the leg, said, “I went to celebrate Dussehra with my daughter and son. I lost my daughter and my son is battling for life. While I was shouting for help, someone picked my mobile phone from my pocket.”