Schools continue to violate ‘No Homework’ order

In a recent notification, the Ministry of Human Resource and Development directed all states that there should be no homework for classes up to Class II, but these directions are not being followed in Kashmir schools.
Parents said schools were not serious about the personality development of children and they were being overburdened by homework.

“My son studies in UKG and he is reluctant to do his homework. He was once slapped by his teacher and that incident has left an impact on him. Schools are not ready to handle children properly. They just want them to pass the exams,” said Ashiq Hussain, a resident of Srinagar.

Another parent said even the directions regarding the weight of the schoolbags were not being implemented by schools.

In its order to all states last month, the ministry stressed reducing the weight of schoolbags. It said homework should not be assigned to students of Classes I and II.

It also said schools should not prescribe any other subjects except language and mathematics for Classes I and II, and language, EVS and mathematics for Classes III to V students as prescribed by the NCERT.

GN War, president of the Private Schools Association, said the situation in Kashmir was different as students did not get enough working days.

“There are many parents who want that their kids should be given homework. We still give less homework to the lower classes. We will have a meeting of all private schools soon,” said War.

GN Itoo, director, school education, Kashmir, said they were waiting for directions from the administration and were taking all recommendations into consideration.

“We need uniform rules for both Jammu and Kashmir regions. All private and government schools have to follow the directions. We have received a number of complaints that private schools are overburdening children. Everything will be taken into account,” he said.