BJP has devil’s luck: Omar on timing of SC verdict on Rafale

In a funny aside to the Supreme Court verdict ruling out a probe into the Rafale deal, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said the order could not have come at a better time for the BJP.

In a reference to the BJP’s recent electoral setback where the party lost three states, Abdullah felt this verdict would take the poll heat off the ruling party.

Tweeting to his three million followers, complete with a smiley, Abdullah said, “The BJP really has the devil’s luck (relax I’m not calling you devils, it’s only an idiom). This couldn’t have come at a better time after the electoral set back.

Almost on cue, Amit Shah, when asked about the poll reverses said, “I don’t want to divert attention from the Rafale order. We will talk about assembly elections some other day.”

On a serious note, Abdullah wondered whether the Supreme Court was the right place to fight the Rafale battle , “Have to ask whether the SC was the right place to fight this battle? Some fights are best fought in the political arena.”

He wondered how Rafale deal would remain an election issue after this verdict.

In the recently-held assembly elections, the Congress wrested three states from the BJP—winning Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and emerging as the single largest party in Madhya Pradesh.

Omar, who is very prolific on twitter, had recently engaged in a twitter spat with BJP leader Ram Madhav over the dissolution of the state assembly ordered by Governor Satyapal Malik.

BJP general secretary Madhav had alleged that Abdullah and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti were taking instructions from Pakistan. “Prove your point or apologise”, Abdullah had bristled back.

Madhav later tried to lighten the mood by asking Abdullah to take it easy but the former chief minister was in no mood to be humoured and had demanded an apology. Either prove this or be man enough to apologise. Don’t practice shoot & scoot politics,” he had tweeted.