Admin issues advisory on meat and poultry products

To combat food-borne diseases, the Governor administration Wednesday issued an advisory on poultry and meat products and advised consumers to remain vigilant.
As per an advisory issued by the Commissioner of Food Safety, Dr Abdul Kabir Dar, combating microbial contamination of food was important to prevent food-borne diseases and its adverse effects.
“Consumers have to a play a role regarding safe food-handling, storage and cooking practices at home. Improper handling especially of meat, poultry and its products may become a source of food borne infections,” reads the advisory.
It asked people to purchase poultry and meat products from a registered vendor with proper receipt to claim consumer rights and help to trace food supply and safety chain.
“Prefer buying meat/poultry from the registered vendors having freezer/ refrigeration/chilling facility and never buy the meat that is wrapped in paper,” it said.
The advisory said while buying live poultry, people should ask the Food Business Operators to examine it thoroughly for bruises or visible symptoms of the disease.
“Don’t purchase poultry or poultry products especially offal that is raised/brought up or stored under unhygienic conditions,” it said.
It adds that while purchasing meat/poultry, people should ensure that it is virtually free from defects such as bruises, discolorations, feathers and any extraneous matter.
“Do not buy canned/packaged meat or poultry and its products food items that are puffed or leaked on seams,” reads the advisory.
It asked people not to rinse raw meat and poultry unless ready to be cooked, storing these products after washing may make them more susceptible to contamination.
It asked people not to consume or taste food that looks slimy or smells questionable due to its colors, odors or physical appearance.
“Always cook food thoroughly,” it said and advised people to always refrigerate leftover foods and consume them within three days, store meat/poultry products at below -18 degree C.”
“Don’t re-heat the same food repeatedly. Don’t re-heat whole refrigerated/chilled food, only thaw or re-heat portions of food that is to be consumed at a time,” reads the advisory.
People were asked to check labels of canned/packaged meat or poultry and its products for best before, batch No. and ingredient information and directions for use.
It advised general public to be food wise and vigilant while buying, storing and cooking meat, poultry and its products and follow the advisories issued from time to time.
For any complaint regarding the quality of food in the markets, the Commissioner of Food Safety has issued contact numbers of its enforcement team.
“People can contact on 0194-2495191, 0191-2597445, 0191-2598094 or email at,” adds the advisory.