Kashmir internationally recognized dispute between India and Pakistan should be resolved through dialogue: Farooq Abdullah

National Conference (NC) president and former chief minister, Farooq Abdullah, Thursday said Kashmir is internationally recognized dispute between India and Pakistan which needs to be resolved through dialogue.

Talking to reporters after paying tribute to his mother Begum Akbar Abdullah on her 19th death anniversary, Abdullah said nothing can be achieved through “military might” as there is no alternative to dialogue to address the Kashmir issue.

“Nothing will be achieved either by displaying military might or by using NIA as a pressure tactics. Kashmir issue is a reality between two countries (India and Pakistan),” Abdullah said.

“If Kashmir is not a dispute, then why were there bilateral talks between different leaders since 1947. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Pakistan for talks,” he said.

Abdullah, who is a Member of Parliament from Srinagar, said Kashmir issue is lying with the United Nations and its observers are still present on both sides of the divided Kashmir.

He said the dispute would be resolved only when India and Pakistan first talk to each other and later engage people from both sides of Kashmir.
“India will need to talk to people here in Kashmir and Pakistan with its people in their Kashmir,” he said.

Abdullah also disapproved India’s pre-condition to end “terrorism first” before initiating any dialogue with Pakistan.
“When talks can be held in Afghanistan where Taliban still fire bullets, why the same policy can’t be applied here,” Abdullah said.

He said Kashmir dispute should be resolved in manner which would be a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
“The solution of Kashmir should be such that neither India, Pakistan nor people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh should feel that they have lost something,” he said.

Former chief minister also castigated the state administration on highway ban and termed them “liars”.
“I was surprised to read the statement of Divisional Commissioner today. How much will they lie and to whom. I myself saw civilians being stopped at different places for no apparent reason,” he said.

Abdullah said that he also raised the issue of highway ban in the Parliament demanding revocation of the order with immediate effect.