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Srinagar, 11-07-2020: This statement is issued by Mr. Hashim Qureshi in his personal capacity while he is, in addition, also the Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party (JKDLP).

This is to notify the public at large that Mr. Hashim Qureshi as the head of the family, including his sons as his heirs and the extended family at large have no relation whatsoever – personal, political or social – with Ms. Laila Qureshi (daughter of Mr. Hashim Qureshi).

Any such relationship was already severed months ago when against the advice of her father and family, which had questioned the funding, working mechanisms and political motivations of a quasi-NGO by the name of “FAITH”, Ms. Laila Qureshi decided to continue to be employed at this establishment and thereby continued to associate herself with this dubious organization.

Ms. Laila Qureshi has recently joined and/or co-founded a political party by the name of “Jammu & Kashmir Socio-Political Movement (JKSPAM)”. Mr. Hashim Qureshi, in his personal capacity, as well as his political capacity, being the Chairman of JKDLP, and his sons as his heirs and the extended family at large have no relation whatsoever with this political outfit, its aims and objectives, its functioning, Ms. Laila Qureshi’s decision to associate herself with this outfit or her future decisions and statements in her personal and/or political capacity as part of this outfit or outside of it. Ms. Laila Qureshi is solely responsible for anything she doesand/or says.

In the interest of society at large, we would also like to notify that although Ms. Laila Qureshi has a degree in Psychology, she does not have the required academic credentials, licenses, diplomas and legal papers to practice as a Doctor and or Psychologist, which she seemingly continues to do at the quasi-NGO by the name of FAITH.

In the interest of her son and his future we would also like to call upon her son’s father, Mr. Faheem Bhat, to take his responsibility as a father, the more when Ms. Laila Qureshi, due to her own improper decisions and impenitent behavior, does not anymore enjoy the conducive, safe and healthy environment of living with her family and maintaining social and family ties. The current situation is not good for the future and development of her son and should warrant an appropriate response, in the interest of the child, from the father of the child, Mr. Faheem Bhat.

In conclusion, Mr. Hashim Qureshi would like to make it unquestionably clear that Ms. Laila Qureshi does not reside with her family anymore and any relation with her has been severed and as such. Mr. Hashim Qureshi and the family have distanced themselves from her and hereby unequivocally announce that the family is not responsible, howsoever, for her actions and/or words.